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Osprey Class Maps  

On this page are links to several maps showing the location of:

No, there are not Ospreys ice yachting in Antarctica; just a convenient location to place those sail numbers which were not issued [70S 70W], destroyed/scrapped/written off [70S 0] or have a location unknown to the Osprey Class [70S 70E]. Corrections & updates are always welcome.



Sunday 7th May 2017 - all underlying data updated. When an icon is clicked pop-up information appropriate to the map being viewed is displayed.

 Friday 1st April 2016 - maps showing which clubs have hosted championships updated to show just one icon for each club but now shows, when icon clicked, first year & latest year championship hosted at the club and number of times club has hosted championship in pop-up

 Thursday 31st March 2016 - map of clubs now shows, if you click on an icon,

  • latest sail number to have been at the club

  • latest year recorded in boat register for the club

  • the number of sail numbers currently recorded as being at the club


Monday 28th March 2016 - few updates due to new owners and new boats.

Monday 14th December 2015 - a few corrections to locations after feedback following email of December class newsletter.

Friday 11th September 2015 - All latitude/longitude for every sail number have been manually checked and now hopefully correct, if you spot any errors or have updates please get in touch.


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