Ian Proctor Centenary Event

Bosham Proctor Centenary Event 2nd & 3rd June

Bosham S.C. are going to hold an event to commemorate Ian Proctor's Centenary on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd June. The event will be by invitation only and they have asked the Osprey Association who they should invite, so I am looking for volunteers.

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Round Island Race - Possibility

Celebrating Ian Proctors Centenary Year

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Osprey 204 has been in the family since new, was last used at Hickling circa 1997 and has since been stored in a shed near Datchet.

204 was (according to the plaque on the rear buoyancy tank) built by Plycraft, Kenn Boatyard, Clevedon. She was bought when new by my grandfather Bertram (Bert) Seaman (HBSC member for many years) and raced by him with various crew including my father, Peter (in copy). Original finish was bright yellow. Two suits of sails and the spinnaker date from the early 60s.

She's now looking for a new home. Hull appears sound, varnish (Deks-Olje dating from ~1985) on side decks and rear buoyancy tank in need of TLC. 2 masts (both alloy), 2 booms (original wood, fittings moved to later alloy), 2 suits of sails, 1 spinnaker, "river" centreboard (case is original) and rudder. Resting on light alloy trailer (2" hitch).

Perhaps you might be in a position to help / know someone looking to restore a classic?

Regards, Alex Seaman Tel. 0117 9049908 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.