2018 Survey on Nationals Length

The results of the survey conducted of class members in summary was:

  • 31 for 'the 4 day championships'
  • 7 for 'a week long championships'
  • 23 for 'a week long Championships at Mounts Bay reverting to 4 days for subsequent Nationals'

However when assessing the comments, 9 of those voting for the 4 day championships said they would be prepared to do a week long championships at Mounts Bay.

The Committee discussed this at length and felt the results showed a stronger case for 4 days than a week at Mounts Bay and long term confirmed subsequent Nationals will be 4 days long.

2018 Wilkinson Sword Trophy

The current standings with the final event left in the series.

Shoreham rerun is happening on Sunday 28th October as a one day event and everybody is welcome. I will open the bar on Saturday if people want to come the day before. We are planning an 11 o'clock start.
John & Caz


1281 built in wood epoxy by Mike Mooney in 1995

White Knuckles has won pretty much everything on the Osprey fixtures over the past few years including the 2017 Nationals and the recent Round The Island race.

Hull is drystored and was resprayed in 2015 being sold with Milanes foils, combi trailer, undercover and tired top cover. Alloy Superspars mast, selden boom, Laminate North main, P&B and Goacher Genoas, North and P&B kites.


Suit of lightly used 2017 HD’s available at additional cost.

Terry Curtis <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>