2019 Tata Open

 First event of the Wilkinson Sword Series and first event of the South Wales Circuit.

So if can't or do not want to travel the UK, how about South Wales, West Wales and those Osprey sailors just the other side of the bridge - thinking of Portishead & Bristol Corinthian in particular - making the shorter trip for this event.

2018 Wilkinson Sword Trophy

The final standings after the final event. Only two points separated first from second overall, with third a further 4 points adrift. Close at the end.

Congratulations Terry Curtis and your crews Peter Greig & Andy Rushworth on winning 2018 Wilkinson Sword Trophy.

Keep a look out for the 2019 Wilkinson Sword events list.

Classic Boat Article

Classic Boat magazine have an article on the Osprey. Alan Henderson & Oscar Chess helped them with the article.

Osprey Class Dinghy Show Press Release - 27 February 2019 

At this year’s Dinghy Show, come and hear all about a 60 mile open sea voyage last summer by a group of Ospreys. The talk will be on the Classes Stage, at 2.30 on Sunday. There are few dinghy classes which could undertake such a punishing voyage, but the Ospreys took it in their stride.

Right beside the Classes Stage is the Osprey class stand, at A4 in the Great Hall. Come and hear all about the class’s new initiative to make it easier this year for prospective tribe members to take a test sail in an Osprey. There’s no need to take on a 60 mile voyage, much easier sails will be available at a venue near you!

The Osprey is a big, fast racing dinghy with a single trapeze and symmetric spinnaker. The best way to feel the power is through a test sail with the Osprey Association, so come and meet our enthusiastic members.

At our stand, find out about this year’s busy racing programme, which is headlined by the Osprey Nationals at Mounts Bay from August 3-7. View the latest epoxy Mark V Osprey on the class stand, or on the stand of builders Hartley Boats, at C50.
At the talk, one of the intrepid team who conquered the Island will be describing their voyage. David Downs said, “This fantastic voyage is one all the tribe will remember for years, and I’m looking forward to sharing its highlights with the audience.” The tribe encountered many perils on their journey. David promises to answer questions like – “Why was the Standing Seagull so Scary?


Further information from
Alan Henderson, Osprey Class Association media rep
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   01292 281383.

Attached picture courtesy of Mary Reddyhoff. Hi res version available on request.


1.    The Osprey is a big, fast two person racing dinghy, with trapeze and symmetric spinnaker.
2.    Look out for special Dinghy Show offers on Ospreys on the Hartley Boats stand at C50 in the Great Hall. Ospreys may be purchased complete, or as a hull ready to fit out.  Hartley Boats are on 01332 369751.
3.    For further information about the class, see www.ospreysailing.org or the Sail Osprey or Osprey Facebook pages.
4.    The RYA Dinghy Show, presented by Suzuki, is on 2/ 3 March at Alexandra Palace, London. Further information at www.rya.org.uk/programmes/dinghy-show.